Ex is dating coworker

Turn a gblind eye to whatever they are doing.

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You have bigger fish to fry and a shopping list that obviously finds him lacking, so DO your shopping looking ahead, for looking backwards will trip you up. I don't care they are dating cause yes I broke up w him first what I am really upset is she goes behind me and telling peeps about what I haven't done to her!

She's got a petty face so people believe what she said. But lots of peeps started to accusing her cause she acts different when my ex is around her. I am just hoping my ex will see that I never was mean to her. Until you leave her alone, get her out of your mind, quit demonizing her however much she deserves it - I do agree Right, getting your work done, letting them fall into their own trap Soon she'll find another to wrestle with - let them get mud over them, not you.

So if all that is try then is comes down to one simple fact: You broke up with him you have no right to talk to him or the girl about whatever it is they do. And the whole go to her and tell her to tell you when they are dating doesn't seem like it can be an abuse of power because more people would think they lose they job if they said otherwise.

Point is he is your ex so he doesn't need your okay to do whatever he wants. He's not my bf yes I get that I wouldn't mind if they were dating from out of the situations. She acted and made romour about I was mean to her cause they were dating. She goes to him and tell him how hard to work w me cause he's my ex and he likes her now? I was even nice to her she goes to peeps and say I told her not to date him which I never did also she told peeps i am mad at her cause they were hanging out which I wasn't! What I am really sad is he only hears from her not from me and what she say about me is lies she made me looks like an evil to have him.

I am just mad there isn't one thing she says about me isn't even truth.

I was really nice to her all she did was go behind me and made rumours about how mean I was to her and she took it in nice way? The only crazy one here is you OP. Things that make your lover insecure, as per the zodiac sign. The number of lovers you have depends on your mother, claims a study. The dating trend that might be ruining your love life. How I reacted when I caught my partner using a dating app.

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Is your pet in pain? A different kind of love. My husband wants to use a dating app. My husband behaves differently when his parents are around. Is it okay to ask a guy I like to go out on a date with me? My parents insult my wife because she is older than me. My wife never visits my parents' place. When your ex becomes your co-worker Share this on: We have sent you a verification email.

To verify, just follow the link in the message. When your ex becomes your co-worker. The "don't ever talk to me" crap among people who have to work together is pretty juvenile.

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  • Slowguy insert pithy phrase here Post 7 of views. Post 8 of views. Yes, you are being immature. I know it sucks but you are going to have to man up and deal with it. Never, ever, let this interfere with your work again. Don't talk about it, ever, to anyone at work. Even if you can't get past it, you have to be an adult and not acknowledge it at work then go home and cry. As others have said, never date a co-worker again. Post 9 of views. All three of you clowns should be fired. The office is a workplace not a singles bar. Big lack of judgment - now py the piper.

    Shit canning all 3 of you may be the best thing the company could do.

    How To Flirt At Work and Rules For Dating Co-Workers

    The good news is that after you get fired you are free to kick the shit out of the douche bag frat boy and let your ex know she is a cunt. Post 10 of views. Post 11 of views. So let me get this straight, You wouldn't let her move back in to your place, so she was still sort of digging you, right? I'd play this card, call for a meeting for all 3 of you and play this card: If it works, you're welcome.

    If it doesn't and her new meathead says anything he is going to look like a douche, so again, you're welcome. Post 12 of views. Post 13 of views. The lesson here is never get your meat and bread from the same store. At university I was dating a girl that was in a few of my classes. At the time I thought that I was serious about her. We always sat next together. Then she dumped me and we suddenly sat at other ends of the classroom. She then started dating another guy in the class.

    It was humiliating seeing them together, but I never made that same mistake again. Post 14 of views. If it makes you feel any better simply look at him and say "She's your headache now" and then move on. In most companies your ass would have, and should have been on the street in a matter of moments. Post 15 of views. There's been some good advice above, yet no one has suggested the smartest next step. Right now, while the emotions are raw and absorbing your thoughts, you need to go out and get a tattoo that records the entire narrative for posterity.


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    Otherwise, 6 months from now you'll be dating someone else, thinking she's the greatest ever, and you'll have all but forgotten this little melodrama. With the right tattoo, you can remember it forever, and share it with future loved ones.


    You know it's the right move. Post 16 of views. Join my religion and I am promoting you to my "Worldly Advice" divison. That is some solid advice. Post 17 of views. HR is going to have a field day with this. Post 18 of views. Post 19 of views. Bang the cleaning lady on your ex's desk. It willl probably be gross and you'll probably get a disease, but talk about teaching her a lesson. Barring that, suck it up and move on. Post 20 of views. I think your reaction is a little extreme to be honest. You didn't want her back and now she is free to choose who she dates.